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    Main Products:Bacillus subtilis,Bacillus licheniformis,Alkali Protease,Neutral Protease,Medium Temperature α-amylase
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    Service Center is one of the very important sector in the XingTai Sinobest Biotech Co.,LTD. His main job is to:Accept customer integrated business consulting,Provide technical support to customers,Acceptance, coordination, handling customer complaints and solve difficult problems;Initiative to communicate with customers, contacts, experience and understanding of customer needs,Timely customer feedback to the relevant administrations and production enterprises and properly handled.
    Under the Service Center have Customer Management and Technical Services.Customer management Department is mainly accept customers integrated business consulting,Technical services to provide customers with products mainly for sale, sale, after-sale technical support and solutions.In order to make every customer in sinobest can be satisfied with the service,And maintain a good relationship of trust with the company,We emphasize the relevance and effectiveness of customer service,Accept and implement the responsibility system,That is a call for each customer, each responsible for a problem,So that each promote feelings deepen understanding.
    If you have any questions about our products and demand,Or for our services have any comments and suggestions,Please feel free to communicate with us,We will be best, for your dedicated service.Your satisfaction is our service purpose,Common development with customers is our persistent pursuit.
    Face the future the customer service center staff will love the warmth of the customer, with service brilliant casting.
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    Tel:+86-0319-3928288 Fax:+86-0319-3928288 Email:xtsinobest@hotmail.com xt-sinobest@hotmail.com
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