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    Bacillus Mucilaginosus

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    I. Brief Introduction:

    Bacillus Mucilaginosus can reproduce and grow in the soil, produce the metabolites such as organic acids, capsular polysaccharide, destroy the lattice structure of silicon aluminate and insoluble phosphorus compounds, decompose and release medium trace elements such as soluble phosphorus potassium and calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese which improve the soil fertility and provide nutritional elements for the crops. Meanwhile, it produces physiological active substances such as gibberellin, kinetin cells, microbial enzymes, bacterial polysaccharides which promote the crop to absorb nutrient and carry out metabolism.

    II. Product Functions:

    1. Decompose the phosphorus and potassium, fixes nitrogen, improve the utilization of fertilizer effectively and reduces the dosage of chemical fertilizer.

    2. Activate and loosen soil and decomposes various medium trace elements such as silicon, calcium, sulfur, boron, molybdenum, zinc and etc. which comprehensively supply nutrition for plants.

    3. Produce gibberellin, heteroauxin and many other physiological activators which promote the plant grow robust and strengthen the capacity of cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance and Cultivation of Resilience and improve the quality and output of products.

    4. Form the beneficial bacteria in the roots of the crops, which can effectively restrain the breeding of harmful and pathogenic microorganism, thus significantly reduce pesticide application.

    5. Decompose moderate various nutritient elements which can effectively prevent the plants from physiological nutrient deficiency symptom.

    III. Specification:

    Attribute Name

    Attribute Value


    White Powder (no deliquescence and caking)


    3/5 /10 billion cfu/g or customization

    Water Content  

    ≤ 8%

    Particle Size   

    ≥90% pass 40 mesh

    IV. Application:

    1. Bacillus Mucilaginosus can be applied directly in all kinds of plants. It can be used as basic fertilizer, topdressing and seed dressing or dipping roots.

    a. Basic Fertilizer: manure 3-4 kg of Bacillus Mucilaginosus per 667m2 in furrow application and cover the soil after manure. If apply with farmyard manure, you will achieve better effect.

    b. Seed Dressing: make turbid liquid by mixing Bacillus Mucilaginosus with appropriate. Spray it on the seeds, mix evenly and sow immediately after the seeds become slightly dry.

    c. Dipping Roots: Mix the Bacillus Mucilaginosus evenly with water in proportion to 1:5. Dip the roots of the crops such as rice, vegetables or others in the clear liquid after the liquid clarifies. Prevent the roots from direct sunshine.

    2. Bacillus Mucilaginosus can be mixed with compound microorganism fertilizer, microorganism fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and etc.

    Technological Process:

    1. Compound Microorganism Fertilizer (Bio Compound Fertilizer):

    Chemical Fertilizer (NPK) ingredients → mix with Bacillus Mucilaginosus powder by ratio → granulation → drying and cooling → sieving → packaging

    2. Microorganism Water Flush Fertilizer, Microorganism Seed-dressing Agent, Water Flush Fertilizer:

    Other auxiliary ingredients → mix with Bacillus Mucilaginosus powder by ratio → Microorganism Water Flush Fertilizer and Seed-dressing Agent

    3. Microorganism Bacterium Agent:

    Grass Carbon or other adsorbent → Mix Bacillus Mucilaginosus Powder by ratio → Solid Bacterium Agent or granular fertilizer → Packaging

    4. Bio Organic Fertilizer Process:

    Organic fertilizer powder or granule →Mix with Bacillus Mucilaginosus by ratio→ Bio Organic Fertilizer → Packaging

    V. Reference Dosage:

    (The following dosage is the specification with 10billion cfu/g. Other specifications can be converted according to the content of CFU)

    Fertilizer Type

    Dosage(kg/ton of Fertilizer)

    Microorganism Bacterium Fertilizer

    Powder fertilizer: 20; Granular Fertilizer:10

    Compound Microorganism Fertilizer


    Bio Organic Fertilizer


    VI. Storage:

    Should be Stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place; protect from direct sunlight, heat and dampness; avoid storing with poisonous and harmful substances.

    VII. Shelf Life:

    Minimum 2 years from date of production.

    VIII. Packaging:

    20kg/bag, 25kg/bag or as clients’ requirements

    IX. Technical Support and Service:

    Xingtai Sinobest Biotech Co., Ltd. will provide technical support service in the whole process. Our professional technicians will guarantee every client to use this product under proper guide.

    X. Precautions:

    Even though this product is non-toxic and biodegradable, it may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. Prolonged contact may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or mucous membrane of nose, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, please consult a doctor.


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